Monday, March 5, 2012


US Immigration Officer:  How long will you be staying here in the US?
Karol:  Just for a week
US IO:  What is the purpose of your visit?  And why only 1 week?
Karol:  My friend over there (points at Macy) is watching Madonna in Vegas and she made me... errr FORCED me... to come with her.
US IO:  What?  So you girls flew all the way here to watch Madonna!? Haha.
Karol:  I know right? *sigh*

For real.  Three weeks before that, Macy told Karol over the phone that she booked round trip tickets to LA.
Karol:  For free!?!?!
Macy:  Heller of course not! Pay when able! Haha!
Karol:  Sh*t, I have to tell my pay-rents.

So, when we saw each other at a party where Karol's parents were also present, we thought that's the best time to ask for their permission.  Macy went up to Karol's dad and told him "Tito, okay lang po ba pumunta kami sa US ni Karol?", to which Karol's Dad replied "Uhmmm...Hinde".  Hahaha!  Then Macy said "Ayy kaya lang may ticket na po kami".  What else can they do, right?

Macy believes that Madonna is her long lost mum ever since she was a kid so obviously she has been waiting for this concert all her life. And Karol being the ever supportive bff happily gave in to the offer.

Three weeks later and we're in California!  Yey!

The afternoon one day before Madonna's Sticky and Sweet concert, we left Cali and headed to Las Vegas.  We checked-in at our hotel in Vegas and it was already kinda late at night when we got settled, but we decided we'll still walk around anyway. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Agnès B. is a brand by French fashion designer Agnès Andrée Marguerite TroubléNot really our favorite but lately, it's been raining agnès b. for us!

On Macy's recent trip to London, she got this travel kit from Cathay Pacific.

Two weeks ago in Hong Kong, we munched on yummy agnès b. treats.

We bought matching agnès b. camera straps in pink to replace our old worn out ones.

Macy got this pass holder. (Perfect for the London Oyster card, the Hong Kong Octopus Card, or the Tokyo Suica card!)

Karol's boyfriend grabbed a couple of shirts from their store and qualified for this iPhone case promo.  Karol didn't let the good deal slip away!

And yes... it's pronounced as Anne-yes Be. =)