Monday, March 5, 2012


US Immigration Officer:  How long will you be staying here in the US?
Karol:  Just for a week
US IO:  What is the purpose of your visit?  And why only 1 week?
Karol:  My friend over there (points at Macy) is watching Madonna in Vegas and she made me... errr FORCED me... to come with her.
US IO:  What?  So you girls flew all the way here to watch Madonna!? Haha.
Karol:  I know right? *sigh*

For real.  Three weeks before that, Macy told Karol over the phone that she booked round trip tickets to LA.
Karol:  For free!?!?!
Macy:  Heller of course not! Pay when able! Haha!
Karol:  Sh*t, I have to tell my pay-rents.

So, when we saw each other at a party where Karol's parents were also present, we thought that's the best time to ask for their permission.  Macy went up to Karol's dad and told him "Tito, okay lang po ba pumunta kami sa US ni Karol?", to which Karol's Dad replied "Uhmmm...Hinde".  Hahaha!  Then Macy said "Ayy kaya lang may ticket na po kami".  What else can they do, right?

Macy believes that Madonna is her long lost mum ever since she was a kid so obviously she has been waiting for this concert all her life. And Karol being the ever supportive bff happily gave in to the offer.

Three weeks later and we're in California!  Yey!

The afternoon one day before Madonna's Sticky and Sweet concert, we left Cali and headed to Las Vegas.  We checked-in at our hotel in Vegas and it was already kinda late at night when we got settled, but we decided we'll still walk around anyway. 

The city that never sleeps actually DOES sleep... the stores and the sales people, at least.  Most of the shops were already closed and yeah we felt kinda disappointed.  Like kids outside a closed toy store, we just ooh-ed and aah-ed behind the display windows before calling it a night.

Early the next day, we left the hotel and took the Monorail to MGM Grand.

Macy bought the concert ticket online and opted to just pick it up from the MGM ticket counter instead of having it mailed.

We had the whole day to spend before the concert, so we did what needs to be done in Sin City... commit sins! A.K.A. shopping!  We remembered last night's closed shops and it's time for vengeance!  Hahaha!

We went back to MGM in time for Lola Madonna.

The MGM Grand Garden Arena was filled to the rafters with guuuurls and gheys! Not a straight man in sight :) This is going to be awesome! Then it was almost 9PM the candy pinball video started rolling as an introduction of the show with a haunting version of 4 Minutes playing. 

The stage then opened with Madonna dressed like a pimp sitting on her M throne, clad in Givenchy and singing Candy Shop.

Then the song Beat Goes On came in next, Macy's favorite from the Hard Candy album :)

This number had a 1935 Speedster to complete the Pimp theme while Kanye West and Pharell appeared on the backdrops. 

The gypsy part of the show started with the songs Spanish Lessons and Miles Away.

Then on to La Isla Bonita along with the Ukrainian-gypsy group,  Kolpakov Trio. This part was really amazing! 

They then performed a very intimate version of You Must Love Me from the movie, Evita.

Then finally the Rave part of the show came with Madonna dressed in a futuristic outfit with American football pads studded with crystals. Here she performed 4 Minutes, Like a Prayer and Ray of Light among others.

She also paid tribute to her late artist friend, Keith Harring during the Retro part of the show (and unfortunately there were no decent photos of that part).  In total Madonna sang 20 of her hits including the classics Borderline and Into the Groove. 

Let us show you vids of Madonna recorded by Macy (please forgive her shaky hands haha)
Into the Groove

and Vogue :)

To describe the show, it was one great deal of an extravagant party with Madonna hosting it. So glad to have attended :) Thanks M for the invites! hahaha!  Really, it was such an awesome show never to be forgotten! 

Sadly, everything has to end :( and then it's time to pack our bags...

And say bye to Las Vegas!


  1. Only Madonna can wear a tanga at 50plus and can still pull it off. hahaha. :)

    Did Madonna have a concert in Manila before? Can't remember.

  2. Waahhh, i can only wish and hope and dream that someday makapanood din me ng madonna concert in flesh. and if ever (crossing my fingers and toes) na makarating cya dito sa manila (or at least somewhere in southeast asia) im sure sky high ang ticket price so sana i have the budget.

  3. Michymichymoo, not only does she wear tanga confidently at 50, she makes it look cool too :) And to answer your question, sadly Madonna has never visited our country.

    Jelly Bean, we're sure ticket prices will skyrocket, nonetheless we're all hoping she'd consider going here and sana before she retires :)