Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We are not writers.  We are not extreme travellers.  We are not fashion forward.  But we are good observers and we will give blogging a shot.

Why Water and Wine?

In 2007 at a leather market in Florence, Karol was deciding whether to buy: 1) a nicer but pricier cowhide belt, or 2) a less-durable but cheaper buffalo leather belt.  She knew from the very beginning that she wanted the cowhide, but didn’t want to pay the worth.  She tried to haggle, and asked the vendor if she can get the cowhide for the price of the buffalo.  The vendor simply replied “You can’t have wine for the price of water.  If you want wine, pay for wine.”  Karol left the market with a cowhide belt on her hands, and never forgot the lesson.
Of course, in real life, we can’t choose cowhide over buffalo all the time.  We can’t afford wine all the time (we wish though).  Instead, we drink water (but don’t complain)… and on times we get to have wine, we enjoy.  This blog is all about our fair mix of water and wine, the cheap and the chic.

-Macy and Karol


  1. cowhide vs buffalo? What the heck i can't tell the difference, but i do know my wine from water especially after a glass or two..whoaah!! And if you play your cards right you may not have to pay for either someday...wink wink =)

    Macy Im going to Italy in June around Emilia Romagnia region which is 1 hr north of Bologna. Sama ka??!!


  2. Haha now that's why MIA ka nanaman! Biglang disappearing act! I can't! No moolah! haha and I'm saving for something kase!