Friday, October 28, 2011


by: Macy 

I am not going to blog about the popular London attractions like the Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, London Eye, The Parliament, The Big Ben, etc.  In truth, one can see them all in just a day by getting on a tour bus that goes around the city.  As for me I chose the BIG BUS TOURS and they sure got every spot covered.

After... now what?  London shouldn't just end there!  Like for me I got a few more days to spare and I didn't wanna waste every waking moment doing nothing.  Good thing I was still able to maximize my stay in a not so tourist-y way and I very much enjoyed every single minute of it!  So allow me to share them with you-- My London Top 7 :) In no particular order.. 

1. Visit Postman’s Park
Parks in London are everywhere, that one might have a difficult time choosing which ones to visit.  There is Regent’s Park, Grosvenor Square, St. James, Hyde Park and a lot more.  In spite of the fact that their parks are beautiful and rich in lush greens, I find them a bit crowded at times- not kili-kili-crowded but you know what I mean.  

Another thing is that they’ve got birds of all kinds roaming free. Afraid! (Read:  falcon in Dubai and pigeons in Venice)

Saturday, October 22, 2011


by: Karol  

First of all, I'm not a foodie.  That's why I'm not so sure if you should listen to everything I'm gonna say here.  Haha.

For my recent Vietnam trip, our only goal was... to eat.  We didn't have any touristy activity planned, except for a short visit to the Cu Chi Tunnels because I wanted to try firing an M16 rifle (Macy and I only tried the AK47 last year).

For me, food in Vietnam all taste the same no matter where you eat them...  EVERYTHING IS JUST SO GOOD.  Wherever you choose to eat, the ingredients are always fresh and they all end up yummeeh in the tummeeeh!

When Macy and I were in Saigon last year, we bought fresh spring rolls from this street vendor and it tasted just as good as the ones from a fine dining restaurant.

We were not sure though if it comes with free Hepa and LBM.  Thank God we have strong stomachs.  (And actually even if it came with free Hepa and LBM, we'd still eat it.  It's worth it!!!)

Now how are you going to decide where to eat in Saigon if the food taste the same everywhere anyway?  Well, I think it all depends on your personal preference.  You can say "Why eat in high-end restaurants when I can have the same good food for a cheaper price at Ben Thanh Market", or "Why sweat eating at Ben Thanh Market if I can just shell out a few more bucks and eat that same good food comfortably in a restaurant".  Totally up to you!

Here are some dining choices you might want to try next time you're in Saigon.  Each one has a different ambiance, and can give you different dining experiences! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


And no, we don't mean the fattest most important Vogue magazine of the year.

We call our small travel dilemma, The September Issue.  It just sounds so glamorous!  Haha! 

We know it’s been 3 weeks since our last post and we super duper apologize for that.  A lot of things happened last September and mind you, they’re good things!  So, nothing to worry about! 

Last year, we made a pact that this September 2011, we're going to explore Southern and Eastern Africa.  Macy contacted her friend David of Tour Organizers (he has his own travel blog btw, a must-read!) to inquire about a private tour of Africa.  There should be ten or more passengers for them to organize one for us, so as early as January, we tried inviting friends... young ones... for a fun-for-sure trip!  Unfortunately, that didn't work out.  We then tried inviting older ones just so we can form a group.  That also didn't work out.  Obviously our private tour didn't happen. 

Next is Plan B.  Join Tour Organizers' existing African Safari Tour.  Their tour was only for June 2011 and it clashes with our schedules.  September was our only travel time for this 2nd half of the year.  Not happening!

Next is Plan C.  Go to Russia.  We couldn’t remember how Russia came about.  It’s not even next to Africa on our list.  But still, we made it our next destination.  We started planning, researching on their visa requirements, asking our travel agent for good deals and such... but at the back of our minds we know that we’re both half-hearted with this trip.