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When choosing for accommodations in Coron Palawan, you have three choices: 1) stay at one of the non-beachfront (sad) hotels in Coron town proper, 2) stay at a beachfront villa in one of the islands with electricity running on generator only 12 hours a day (super sad), or 3) stay at a beachfront villa with electricity, 24/7 (hooray) in Club Paradise.

Obviously, when we went to Coron, we both decided to stay in Club Paradise.  We went separately, one year apart, but had the same wonderful experience!

Club Paradise is an island resort in the 19-hectare Dimakya Island.  Its package is already inclusive of everything.  As soon as we reached the Busuanga Airport, they picked us up for a 30-minute ride through the Yulo King Ranch.
We were then transferred to a boat for a 40-minute scenic boat ride, passing through the amazing mangroves of Palawan.  During this supposedly boring ride, they provided us with snacks and drinks (which is good because as long as we have food, we don't get bored).
Their porters took care of our luggage.  This may sound shallow to many, but for people like us who carry rolling trunks and not duffel bags, this is like gold.
We were warmly welcomed by the staff, and were offered welcome drinks!
We both booked a beachfront cottage and it was fine.  Don't expect for a Shangri-la (we didn't pay for a Shangri-la anyway hahaha) but it's good enough!  It is spacious at around 30 square meters, you have your own balcony, and... a hammock (yey)!!
Beachfront cottages resemble a typical bahay-kubo, and are spaced far apart so you really have privacy.  And yes, we can be our noisy selves without distracting other guests.
Now here's the best part.  Let the pictures speak for themselves.
We both went during the peak season, and even if the resort was fully-booked, we barely saw other guests on the beach.  It felt like we own the whole place!
They also have a pool and it's nothing extraordinary, but it's well-maintained and clean.
All buffet meals during our stay were already included in the package.  We expected for beach food, like grilled fish, prawns, etc (you know what we mean) but we were kind of disappointed because they served western food most of the time.  We completely understand though, because we noticed that they have a foreign market (we saw only a few Filipinos in the resort) and they probably wanted to serve a "safe" selection of food.  This is the resort's dining area where they set-up the buffet. 
The resort offers tour packages around the island of Coron.  It is quite pricey compared to other tour operators, but at least you still get the topnotch Club Paradise service even while outside the resort.  If you avail tours from them, they will send their staff with you to make your tour sooooo convenient.  The staff will help you with your things, they will pack your supposedly buffet meal from the resort, and prepare everything for you to ensure you have everything you need.  We availed of some of the tours and we were surprised that we were assigned to the same guide, Kuya Noel! 
Kuya Noel carrying Karol's bag (he offered, owwwkayy?)
Kuya Noel on the boat giving Macy a tour!
Club Paradise is really really worth your money.  If ever we go back to Coron someday, we will stay in Club Paradise again, no doubt!

Here are some more photos taken at the resort.  Enjoy! =)
Macy before leaving Club Paradise
amazing view from the dining hall
the map of the island
Karol after playing in the sand
lovely view of the sunset from the cottage

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  1. This one will be the first on my list. Check!

    Thanks for sharing! =)

  2. You're welcome! :) You will love it there for sure! ;)

  3. Wow! The beach looks fantastic! :) Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. You're welcome Karla! Yesss the beach is just perfect! ;)

  5. I want to go back to Coron!

    By the way, Kym is your cousin pala? :)

    Definitely, Maybe

  6. Hi Joei! Yup!! =) No.. actually I'm her aunt haha (there goes my age) How did you know? =)

  7. Pupunta din ako ng Coron! mas lalo ako naescite pagtapos ko makita mga pics. :)

  8. Sigurado kaming magiging masaya ang bakasyon mo Kuya Keith! :)

  9. great photos! makes me more excited for our trip this October. thanks for sharing!

  10. Thanks Skulgirltrx! Wishing you a fun-filled trip! Looking forward to reading your blog entry about it :)

  11. I must say that this is really a piece of heaven. I was amazed totally. I would love it here. I plan to book with PHRS as they have club paradise in their list of hotels in palawan in their website If you're planning to go back in Palawan and looking for an affordable but yet nice hotel, visit this site for a list of hotels in palawan

  12. Hey thank you for sharing that website :)

  13. fine. TITA Karol it is. >=] magsisi ka.


  14. It's Dimakya Island, right? Was here in 1999 (wow, ancient!) and the place doesn't seem to change...still pristine!

  15. Yes it's Dimakya Island! Nice to know that the place is still the same as the last time you were there. And 1999 is not that ancient haha :)

  16. we are going there on july 6! thanks the nice review