Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MARMARIS: How We Did Nothing

What did we do in Marmaris?
What did we see?


So, don't expect to learn anything from this post.  We have nothing worthy to share.  And don't tell uis we didn't warn you! =)

Yes, we like to maximize our vacation most of the time, and see everything there is to see as much as possible.  But sometimes, we enjoy more if we don't do anything...  If we don't list must-sees on that place...  If we don't care wasting our time...  If we plan to do just whatever.  Like, there's no pressure at all.

And that's exactly what we did in Marmaris! 

Marmaris is a port city along the Mediterranean coast southwest of Turkey.

We saw this head statue and we don't even know who he is, but we thought he must be someone important so might as well have a photo with him. HAHA.

Private yachts line the Netsel Marina.  The locals also refer to this place as Beverly Hills.  

While walking around, Karol bought this Taqiyah cap from one of the souvenir shops, and actually wore it.  HAHA.  Taqiyahs are worn by Muslim men to declare their adherence to Islam.  

Macy, on the other hand, got this black scarf and of course, wore it too. You can probably tell by now that we have very low EQ. Hehe.

Look! A sailing school!  We wonder if they offer Bachelor of Science in Sailing, Major in Navigation.

The Netsel Marina Shopping Center reminds us of Alabang Town Center.

 Karol saw a corn stall, bought a cup, and ate it while walking around.
She only realized later that day that there was a kernel corn on her purse (lower-right of photo, on top of the pocket) the whole time.

 We saw a sign leading to a museum, so we followed it.

But instead of going in the museum, we decided we'll just walk around the shops in the area.  It is a safe place, afterall (unlike Santorini).

In between souvenir shopping, we just walked around and entertained ourselves with whatever is interesting.
This is a marble sculpture of a Ukrainian Woman by Volodymyr Kohmar of Ukraine for the 1st International Sculpture Symposium held in Marmaris in 2008.

Karol got kissed by a Turkish boy. =) =)

Then, we saw this small restaurant that serves gyros and it smelled sooooo good.
We grabbed a table and decided to try it.
True enough, IT IS GOOD.  As in realllyyyy goood.
The owner who mans the restaurant even gave us these Turkish teas to try!

After eating, we saw some more outdoor cafes that we would've loved to try.  Unfortunately, we were going to explode already from that giant serving of gyro we had.

We saw a police officer and just for the heck of it, asked if he would mind having his photo taken with us.  Of course he wouldn't!
Sorry for Karol's awkward pose. (Mejj may amoy kasi yung pulis, tapos nakadikit talaga yung kilikili nya kaya hindi komportable yung pwesto.  Tinagalog na din namin to, para di maintindihan ng iba. Haha.)

And to end this, here's a photo of Macy channeling Rose of Titanic. Haha.


  1. love the photo of Karol getting a kiss from a local boy and funny pictures of Karol and Macy with the policeman! :)

  2. Thanks Aleng! Super icky yung feeling dun sa police photo haha!

  3. Karol! The random statue where you had your photo is Ataturk. He rebuilt Turkey after the Ottoman empire fell and is considered the founder of the Republic of Turkey hence the first president of Turkey. Now I miss Turkey because of these pics.

  4. Oooohh thanks Leslee! I tried googling Vatanini en cok seven, but I never got his name! Now that you mentioned Ataturk, I can understand the signature now!! Hehe!! Buti nalang pala nag-picture kami dyan, napaka-random kasi ng pwesto nyan! Haaay kami din we wish to go back soon. Super jealous of your Capadoccia photos!!!!

  5. nice photos at galing ng captures.....ako adik din sa travel but just started travelling last year...dun pa ako nagka idea where to go and what good places to visit na reachable at kaya ng budget...when I saw these pics, this is how I got the idea what must to do in Istanbul...I really like the pics...

  6. Wow you're so lucky to be going to Istanbul. We're jealous! ;) True, sometimes it's more fun to just go to a place and be spontaneous in everything! Thank you Mike and we can't wait to hear about your Istanbul trip! :)

  7. hi. where did u apply for the visa for turkey? thanks