Monday, June 6, 2011


We don't know why, but we have this thing for bicycles.
We think it'd be so cool to go around in matching pink and purple bicycles with baskets in front, pompoms on the handles, equipped with loud horns.  We especially love the vintage (or vintage-looking) ones, and we always take photos of them.
Ho Chi Minh
Palma de Mallorca
Ho Chi Minh
Palma de Mallorca
Imagine how stunned we were when we saw this bike in Gucci Nanjing Road while we were in Shanghai.  We seriously drooled over it.
Gucci Bike displayed at Nanjing Road in Shanghai 
We know we're not allowed to take photos inside the store but we just had to sneak one shot for this bike.  It probably costs as much as a Honda sedan, but then riding a Gucci bike is way cooler, isn't it?.  If it's any consolation, you get free Gucci clutches. Haha.

Here are photos of other designer bikes we found!
Okay we're getting depressed now, gottta go!!! Bye! 

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