Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We were walking around Milan with friends when we saw the Gucci Cafe in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.  We have to try it, we thought in chorus.  We stood in front of the cafe for a few minutes, discussing if a cup of Gucci coffee is gonna get us bankrupt (as if we weren't already).  We figured, each of us can just order one cup (they won't see us again anyway, who cares if we're not spenders! As if we live there!) and really, it can't be THAT expensive. 

We checked the menu... oh my God, it's Guccissima leather.  We slowly opened it, hoping to see right away which one's the cheapest item. HAHAHA. Holy cup.  They don't indicate the prices on the menu.  No no no, we can't risk it.  What if it's 200 euros per cup?  By european standards alone, coffee already costs a fortune.  What more if it's Gucci?  Ayoko maghugas ng plato.  We backed out.

Imagine how happy we were when 3 years later, while walking around Ginza, we saw another Gucci cafe!  The only other Gucci cafe in the world!  We cannot let this opportunity pass again!  Without thinking, we ditched our Disney Sea plan and spent the afternoon having coffee instead. 

Gucci building in Ginza 
Gucci cafe is on the fourth floor of their flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo.
the cafe's reception desk
the cafe's interiors
Guccissima leather menu
Macy check check checkin' out the menu
The price isn't as bad as we thought.  This panna cotta for example, is 1300yen.  
Panna Cotta
 Hot drinks, salads, and other light snacks are around 1000-2000 yen. 
Belgian Hot Chocolate
Prosciutto Panini
They also sell these Gucci chocolates and we couldn't stop ourselves from buying.
photo from vanillaseven.com
And oh, it was raining that day and we find it so cool that their paperbags come with raincoats!


  1. have you been to seoul, korea? :)

  2. Yes, both of us during the 90s but separately with our families. We actually don't remember much about Seoul ü

  3. Hi W & W! I'm so following you!
    I can't wait to read all your entries!
    More power!

  4. Thanks Kaye! Your blog is equally interesting! We just followed you too! =)