Thursday, July 21, 2011


Okay here's one secret we didn't want to share but we'll share anyway.  Hehe.  For summer dresses, our favorite go-to place is none other than... 

Coco Cabana can be found at SM Department stores.  They have all sorts of cute dresses that you can get for as low as PhP350!  

So when we went to Santa Catalina Island, we thought we must come in colorful summery outfits to match the festive colors of the island.  It didn't come as a surprise that we both packed Coco Cabana dresses.

It's kinda funny how our look blended well with the island. Haha.

Catalina Island is one of the ports of call during our Carnival Paradise cruise.  We disembarked the ship in the middle of Avalon Bay and transferred to the ship's tender to get to the island.

You may also reach Catalina through one of Catalina Express's scheduled ferries from Southern California (around$70), a chartered yacht, or a helicopter (we wish).  

The cruise offered exciting excursions such as the Catalina Segway Tour, Glass Bottom Boat Tour, Kayak Expedition, Semi-Submersible Tour, and lots more.  The best way to explore the island is by renting a golf cart.  The use of motor vehicles on the island is highly regulated, which is why there is a 10-year-long wait list for those who wish to bring a car to Catalina.
Don't ask us what we did.  We just walked around...
...and ate ice cream.

Thankfully, we didn't avail of any of the tours.  Other co-passengers who joined the glass bottom boat tour said they didn't even see anything because the water was cloudy that day.

Here are some more photos of Catalina.  Enjoy!

Now here's one more secret:  it was actually freezing that day but we made the mistake of assuming it's summer-y.  We've already envisioned a summer-themed Catalina getaway so we thought we might as well just stick to it.  Haha.  Besides, it's already too late for a wardrobe change.  It's not like we keep sweaters in our make-up pouches, just in case.  You know.  Thank God we brought wraps to keep us a teeny bit warm.

Oh wait you're right, we're supposed to look summer-y.  Let's do that photo again without the shawls, shall we?

There ya go!


  1. I like their summer dresses and swimwear too. I think I have two Coco Cabaña swimsuits :)

  2. Ooohh, you're one of us! ;) They have nice cover-ups too diba! =)

  3. Love Coco Cabana too! Real value for money!

  4. True Patty! I particularly love their maxis! I was once StyleBible-d and when they asked what I was wearing I said.. errr SM?! haha =)

  5. Loved this post!! you guys are too cute!! =) I think were gonna do the kayaking?? idk yet!!