Monday, May 30, 2011


"The worst thing about being a tourist is having other tourists recognize you as a tourist."
-Russell Baker

It is bad enough when the locals can tell you're a tourist, what more if the other tourists can?  Here are some reasons why it is always good to put on the I'm-not-a-tourist look.
  • You will look smart.  Like you know your way around, you know where you want to go, and you know how to get there.
  • You'd less likely become a prey of pickpockets.
  • Market and souk vendors won't overprice their goods.
  • In general, people won't take advantage of you.
When in another country, we like it when we somehow blend with the locals, like we really belong there (don't get us wrong, we also love it when we stand out HAHA but only up to a certain extent).  But when we say 'blend', we also don't mean blend-blend as if Cleopatra came back to life in Egypt.  Don't go looking costume-y while losing your own personal style.
channeling Cleopatra

In line with this, we both realized it's easy to tell when a tourist is a fellow Filipino.  We present to you...

The Fashion Anatomy of a Filipino Tourist.

don't forget the white socks!

oops she forgot the umbrella.
Okay maybe we exaggerated it a little.  But you get the idea! Filipinos always tend to bring the same pieces of clothing when traveling, even those that are weather-inappropriate.  Like a windbreaker for winter, or boots (automatically packed) even when it's summer in Japan.  We hope none of you will take this negatively as we are not in any way making fun of anybody in particular.  In fact, even our own dads look like the guy in the picture whenever abroad hahaha.  We are always 100% proud of being Filipino.  We're just saying... if you're already wearing more than 4 items in the illustration, maybe it's time to stop there.

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  1. We Filipino is just ready for any weather that we encounter in any places. That's why we tend to have that kind of outfits. We feel safe either sunny or rainy because of that clothing. lol!!!

  2. omg! i luv this post! so true!