Sunday, May 15, 2011


We find it a bit surprising that even in cities considered as fashion forward, freaky knock-offs still find their way into fashionable foreign shores. It’s also funny how you find some clever designs from the original mutate into a fake monstrosity. Say a Speedy wannabe with the chunky chains of the Stam bag all over, isn’t that scary? hahaha! Seriously, these are creations of design geniuses and they’re not priced as such for nothing. We’d rather buy local or brandless stuff than support those counterfeit producers. Jazzz saying!

Here are some photos we took during our trips.  Let's start with an assortment of Hermes Birkins.

From simple knock-offs...
hermes birkin from a market in Shanghai
to deadly crocodile ones...
croc birkin in Milan
to the most ridiculous you'll ever find.
monster birkins in Korea
 There are all the other premium designer bags as well.
LV and Prada knock-offs in Italy
purse galore in Italy
And other sorts of accessories to match!! Haha.
shiny shimmery scarves in Italy
belts at a market in Vietnam
sandals from Cyprus


  1. First comment since I just recently discovered this blog. Seeing that you guys are somewhat "fashion" conscious, I was wondering where you stand on pirated merchandise. I was very dismayed when I last visited Greenhills and saw all the "knock-offs" which were pretty good ones at that. See my wife has--what I call--affliction for luxury bags and after spending a fortune I walked away very disappointed. Please continue to share your experiences. Thumbs up on the blog! JV

  2. Hi JV! We really have nothing against people who buy these knock-offs but personally we don't buy them :) We were fashion design students and we definitely don't like seeing our work being copied, so we don't support acts like that in any way! :) Hello to your wife! And good job for buying premier top quality goods for her! Hehe!:)