Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We are not photographers but we sure know what kinds of pictures are annoying to look at.  Allow us to teach you how you can bring home the worst travel photos that will certainly give your friends an eyesore:

1.  Capture a famous landmark as your background and never mind if your head appears as if it just popped out of nowhere.  Remember:  the landmark is more important than you!

Orthodox Church in Thira
Eiffel Tower

 2.  Go as far away as possible from the camera. It’s completely okay if there are people passing by.  That is normal, hello.  Just encircle yourself using MS Paint to let your viewers know that it’s you.

Piazza di Spagna
Carnaby Street

3.  If you see a structure you like, get really close to it.  Touch it.  Feel it.  Stand beside it or even right on it.  Then, ask the photographer to move away from you until the whole thing fits on your camera screen.  The goal here is to look like an ant.  Bonus: the blemishes on your face (your whole face, actually) won’t be visible!  Hooray! 
Champa Temple Towers Group Po Sah Inu